Mangalore is the Bomb Factory of Yasin Bhatkal: Terrorists Stayed for 6 Months in Mangalore

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Mangalore Sept. 13: The shocking news that Athavar was the bomb factory of Yasin Bhatkal and his follower Asadullah Baig terrorists of Indian Mujahidin Organizations. The NIA officers captured explosive things from their flat at Athavar. 

Yasin and Asadullah Akthar alias Heddi have reportedly revealed all these information during the investigation by the National Investigation Agency.

Intelligence sources informed that the NIA officers came to Mangalore on November 4th and searched Asadullah’s home.

Six months prior to the bomb blast at Dilkush of Hyderabad, Asadullah stayed in Mangalore with others. That time they used to get funds through Western Union of abroad.  His task was to keep the bomb and his aides Vakas and Moni used to connect the circuits in the bomb. The police could arrest Asadullah, but Moni and Vakas managed to escape.

Explosive Things:  Recently NIA officers brought Yasin and Heddi to Mangalore in a special flight. At that time the NIA officials took them to the flat on the third floor of Zapiya Hights Building at Athavar, where they were staying for 6 months. After four hours of search, officers found 50 digital watches, circuits, 3 electrical detonators, cell phones, nitric gel, wires to connect the bombs, fuels, books on preparation of bomb circuits and many other items. However, the owner of the flat said that he is not aware of terrorists. The police suspect that bomb was being prepared in Mangalore.

“We were stayed in Mangalore for 6 month. He gone to Hyderabad from here only to bomb blast and after the blast he returned to here. Mangalore is our origin locality” Haddi told the investigation officials. He further said that in this flat Tanwir Akthar from Bihar and Vakaas/ Ahmad stayed with him. They used to connect circuits to the bomb. They were also involved in the Hyderabad bomb blast, Mumbai triple bomb blast (2011).

Yasin revealed that after the 10 bomb blast (2007) in India, Indian Mujahidin Organisation planned for series of bomb blast.

Training in Chikmagalore: For Akbar Isamil and other terrorists who involved in bomb blast of Gokul Chat and Lumbini Park were trained at farm house of Chikmagalore, said Yasin. He showed CD of Afghanisthan war and Osama Bin Laden to attract the followers and he was known to people as Vasim when he was in Chikmagalore.  He revealed about the name of several terrorists it includes people from coastal region.

Explosive from Udupi: During the investigation, Yasin disclosed that they collected bomb and other explosive things from Udupi and other nearby places in between 2005 to 2008 to attack several places in India. He used to get lot of explosive from the mines. Afthab Alam/ Faruk, who were arrested by NIA, revealed all information about Yasir and explosives while investigation.

Aid from ISI: ISI intelligence organisation of Pakisthan financially supported Indian Mujauddin Organisation. ISI decides where and when should bomb blast in India. Now I get all this information from Iqbal Batkal who is in Pakisthan at present said Yasin. And also Yasin revealed that he only responsible for the blast at Pune near Jerman Bekary.

Women bomber: Yasin expose that women bombers are getting ready for the attack in coming days and they are waiting for the commands .We prepared 10 to 12 bombers in India. In that 3 to 4 are women who trained from IAS of Pakisthan.

Appointment of new person: Sources says that because of arresting Yasin, ISI appointed other people in the place of Yasin to continue the blast in India.


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