Thoodhalli: Attempted case of rape on minor girl: Attacker made good his escape

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Kundapur;Sept 09 : An incident of attempted rape on minor girl Sharada( name changed),aged 13,studying in 8th standard in Hosur higher primary school in Yadthare village panchayat limit, belonging to scheduled caste, has been reported  in Hadlagadde,near Thoodhalli.The attacker has been disappeared since then.

It was told that Arun Narayan Poojary,aged 26,a resident of Thooralli Kismati entered the house of the girl when her mother was not present at home in the pretext of drinking water.

When she brought the water, he asked her to fetch a cup of tea. When she went to the kitchen to prepare tea, he followed her inside the kitchen and forcibly tried to rape her and in spite of screaming, she was attacked by him and made her to fall on the ground in the melee and fled the place . At the time of closing the door, the girl got injured in her leg and escaped from him according to the statement given by girl’s mother.

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