Udupi: The man, whom I believed to be my God, turns to be a devil -says depressed Aysha Begum

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Udupi; September 06: It was at that time, when widow Aysha Begum, originally from Mumbai was leading her solitude, poverty sticken life with two destitute children after the death of her husband within five years of their marriage, a man called Anwar Mohammed, basically from Uchila, near Kaup came in her life as savior and both of them entered into a wedlock in 1996 even.



It was learnt that she was married to a man (first husband) from Kaup twenty years ago and unfortunately, he died within five years of their marriage leaving her and her two female children orphaned.



Though it was a good start for both of them in the beginning, gradually  second husband of Ayesha started showing his true  cooler by torturing her.After she got married with Anwas,she even went to Saudi along with him. After few days of their arrival into Saudi, he forced her to sell Agarbathi (incense stick) and used to enjoy his life lavishly from the income, she earned. Without any valid reason, daily quarrel with wife for trivial reason, fighting, beating, abusing was the daily affairs at their house. Besides, he also made her to terminate her pregnancy two-three times forcibly.


 He also swallowed the money, which he received through the disposal of her four houses, which she has got from her first husband. Besides through threatening, abuse, attack, assault and onslaught, he has also taken rupees fifty lac from Aysha.When she asked him to return the money back, he cheated her by saying that his immovable property deed will be made in her name. After leaving Ayesha back again in Mumbai, Anwar has disappeared. But again on 14.07.2012, Anwar re-appeared again in Mumbai at Ayesha’s place and asked her to give some money on emergency need, Ayesha by showing sympathy on him, gave Rs 70,000 from her fund, which she used to save.


After undergoing all these ordeals watching dramas of Anwar, when she did come to know that Anwar is going to get married again, she came to Anwar’s house in Uchila in udupi district and tried to know the truth, Anwar, her husband along with his family members tortured her physically and mentally and threatened her with dire consequences, she said in her written complaint lodged in Kaup police station.

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  1. I have good respect towards Gulf Kannadiga, but after reading this article I lose all the respects towards Gulf Kannadiga. First of all, all the documents pasted here is, nothing but man made fabricated work and totally false, F.I.R. lodged against me itself is false one, I never took any cash money from her, but I fully supported the lady by all means, even for her two daughters marriage I am alone supported her financially for the smooth running of the marriage, this is enough for almighty ALLAH to grace me, I don’t want any support from this world’s people.

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