Byndoor: 13 students fall sick due to food poisoning

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Kundapur; Sept 05: It has been reported from Morarji hostel on September 04, Wednesday that as many as thirteen students have been fallen sick due to food poisoning. As per the information gathered, students have finished their break-fast as usual and at around 10 am as classes were in progress, thirteen students of 6th and 7th standard started vomiting. They have been admitted in government hospital and subsequently students have been discharged in the evening after diagnosing.

Responding to the queries posed by media reporters Dr Latha Nayak-medical director, Byndoor government hospital said in her statement that it shows some symptoms of food poisoning due to the consumption of junk food. She further said that it seems may be due to the consumption of three- four days staled food ,students might have fallen sick and reason behind the incident can be confirmed only after obtaining the medical report of the test conducted, which is expected soon, she added.

Speaking to the media personnel,Poornima,Principal of the hostel said in her address that consumption of the junk food brought from outside, is the reason behind this incident. She further added that last week students have brought some junk foods from outside when they came back from their short vacation. Due to the consumption of those junk foods students fell sick. Most of the students, who fallen sick are female students and if it was the food of hostel, even male students might have fallen sick, she opined.

Only after receiving the medical report, the exact cause of the incident can be ascertained, she added.

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