Mangalore: Prisoner attacks Jailor; lack of security in jail?

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Mangalore, September 4: In the Mangalore district jail, a trail prisoner has hold jailors collar and assaulted him on Tuesday, September 4. The tail prison identified as Soori alias Soorya Kumar, who was assaulted the Jailor Vijay Kumar.


The accused Surya Kumar was speaking with notorious criminal Pradeep Mendan, who was involved in underworld, murder, robbery and several other cases. Based on Goonda Act, he had been shifting to Gulbarga jail and during that time both Soorya Kumar and Pradeep Mendan were speaking with each other. When Jailor saw that he warned Soorya Kumar as not to speak with him.


This infuriated Sooryakumar who held the jailer by his collar, pushed him aside and assaulted him. The incident occurred at morning 11 am. Regarding the incident Vijay Kumar has complained in the Barke police station. Sooryakumar had been imprisoned on the charges of murdering an aged man in Barke police station limits.


ACP raided the jail at night: On Tuesday night around 8.30 ACP Kavitha raided the jail along with her team, but they didn’t anything from the prisoners.


No protection to staff in the new jail: Speaking with Gulf Kannadiga reporter jailor Vijay Kumar said that opposing the Pradeep Mendan’s shifting, prisoner attacked the jailor. Every prisoner builds their relationship in the jail and causes for help to each other. As Goonda Act charged on Pradeep Mendan, he has shifted to Gulbarga jail, he said.



‘From several years I am continuing my duty and there is lack of protection in new jail than older one. There is no special ward to keep dangerous prisoners and in ward or barrel nearly 10 to 30 prisoners are there. As many prisoners shares same ward, fight is common among them. The notorious prisoners like Rasheed Malbari , underworld rowdies, small rowdies, rapists are in the same ward and there is much chance to grow the relationship among them and develop as big rowdies.

As senior official raid the jail again and again causes for pollution of peace and in the new jail, due to mistake prisoners gets ganja and mobile easily. Though staffs work in sincerely, regarding these cases strict action will be taken against them. When staffs moves to stop the fight of prisoners, the prisoners attacks on staffs, when on duty staffs shows the taste of lathy, human right commission puts charges on them. To control the more than 300 prisoners, staffs puts heart and soul. But on that situation if they assault us who is there to care, asked Jailor Vijay Kumar.

‘Some channels shows the news against us like jailor attacked on prisoner, but when they visit the spot, then only they will come to know’,said Vijay Kumar.

Report By: Sathish Kapikad

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