Condemning banning of the Yatra, VHP and Bajaragadal stages protest

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Mangalore, August 26: Opposing the democracy demolition act of Uttar Pradesh for stopping the organised ‘Koshee  Parikrama Yaatra’ organised  by the Vishwa Hindu Parishat with intension to construct the Rama Mandira, VHP and Bajarangadal staged a protest in front of Gandhi statue near Town hall, here on Monday,. August 26.


Addressing the protestors’ organisation leader VHP executive president M. B. Puraanik said that their demand must be implement by the legislation. ‘In the last Kumbamela saints’ conference, national leaders decide to carry Yaatra to fulfil the demand and on this regard they also decided to carry the 84 Koshee Parikrama Yatra from the four direction led by saints. Hence, national leaders asked the chance with Uttara Pradesha Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, but home minister of that state and police department has refused the Yatra, and by banning the Parikrama Yatra they are moved to kill the democracy’, he said. Moreover, they have insulted the Hindu society and government can’t put the ban on voyage or hike. Hence, the president must move his concentration towards this issue and must see not to bereave constitutional right’, he urged.


‘In the next month, September, VHP and Bajarangadal activists decided to carry the Ayodhya Yatra led by Vajradehi Matt Rajashekarananda Swamy, Gurupura and all necessary works are done’, he added.

Bajarangadal division convener Sharan Pump well and VHP district executive president Jagadeesh Shenava were present.

By: Sathish Kapikad

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