‘Govt. must take strict action against cattle trafficking; otherwise we will raise the swords’

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Mangalore, august 19: ‘Cattle trafficking crossing its limit in the Dakshina Kannada and miscreants are slaughtering the cows. If government is not taking proper action, then we will raise the sword’, said Shri Rama Sene founder Pramodh Muthalik.

Addressing the media at Neerumarga, he said that Cattle transportation is major problem in both the district and mischief-makers show their courage by showing the sword, while thieving the cattle. Chief Minister’s soft attitude cause for this and if it continues like this we can’t sit quite, instead of that we will move to fight by raising the sword, he warned the government.

Moreover, Cattle must be preserved under 1964 law and Shri Rama Sene have submitted the memorandum regarding this. But, government has not taken any action against it and in the coming days if government do not take any action, then we will intensify movement by closing the Dakshina Kannada, he said.

Nearly ten lakh Bangladesh citizens are entered to India and in them three thousands are female. These female are involving themselves in the illegal activities and making drug selling, prostitution business. Moreover, they have gained the Aadhar card in the Chikkamagalur district and took the right of Indian citizen. Hence, Shri Rama Sene conducting a campaign to regarding these people and start the movement to put out these people from the country, he said.

He further said that he will be competing for Lok Sabha election as independent candidate and he already conducted survey in the Chikkodi, Belagaw, Hauvery, Chikamagalur- Udupi and Bagalakote district and he will compete in one area among them.

By: Sathish Kapikad

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