A youth looses life by defying the warning

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Mangalore, August 12: A person had defied the warning of life guard and drowns in the Ullala Someshwara beach on Sunday, according the source.

This incident happened when four youths came to visit the dhraga and from there with intension to disport they moved to seashore. When were ready to get down in the water, life guard Ashok and Mohan warned them about force of the water. But they youths were neglected the words, however, life guard Ashoks word made one of them to come up.

During that time another team tried to enjoy the water and in that time four of them moved to Ombathhu Kere Mooda Set, but unfortunately one of them drowned in the water and news had reached to Ashok. He tried his best to save that person, but due to the force of water he failed to save him. When they had been told to give the complaint in the police station, they were run away, hence by noticing this incident Ashok had given the complaint to police and Ullal police have registered a complaint.

By : Sathish Kapikad

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