Police raid illegal slaughter house : One arrested

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Mangalore, August 8: the city police raided an illegal slaughtering house at Talipadpu of Bantwal taluk and arrested a Rikshaw driver and seized eight K.gs of cattle meat as well as seven cattle’s head here on Wednesday, August 7.


Yester day at 12.30 noon by gaining proper information from local residents with leadership of city station officer Shekar police team raided house of Ashraf, resident of Maddadi, thalipadpu and arrested Abdul Rasheed. The locals were complained about the illegal slaughtering houses and they were also complained about cattle trafficking in the area.


With intension to maintain the peace during the Ramzan feast, people were raised their voice in the police called meeting and local leaders also urged to take stringent action against the cattle transportation and illegal slaughtering houses.

Oppose from the Muslims against slaughtering houses:

The Muslim youths were raised their voice against illegal slaughtering houses, which was running at Talipadpu and they were also given the information press. Hence for the leakage of the information two gangs were fought with each other, but police were succeeded to handle the situation.

By: Sathish kapikad

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