Head –on collision between a lorry & a bike claims two young lives at Uppunda

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Kundapur; August 04: It has been reported that two persons were killed in a tragic accident between a bike and a lorry, which occurred at Uppunda, near Byndoor on August 03, Saturday.


The deceased have been identified as Ramesh Kharvi,aged 28,a resident of Ambagilu,Janata colony,Uppunda and Annayya Kharvi,aged 29,a resident of Bilinamane,Madikal.


It was reported that deceased were on their way to home from Byndoor, when the accident took place. Ramesh was riding the bike and Annayya was sitting pillion.


Sources said that as they were passing over the Uppunda Bridge, a lorry with Rajasthan registration was coming from Mangalore towards Byndoor, rammed into their bike.


Both Ramesh and Annayya were critically injured and were taken to Kundapur hospital in 108 ambulance but Ramesh breathed his last on the way and Annayya upon reaching the hospital.

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