Manipal: Journalist must report trustworthy news; people trust only reliability-Says journalist Sardesai

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Udipi;July 31: Addressing the journalist meet organized by Manipal school of communication Rajdeep Sardesai,CNN and IBN TV media, chief editor and journalist said in his talk on journalism with students of journalism that understanding, reality and fact is weakened,lacking  in present day’s news and  creating disturbance, commotion do not make real sense in quality, good journalism . Journalists without glorifying the facts must report trustworthy news. People will only trust, when there is a reliability, reality and truthfulness in the news.



He further reiterated that present day’s medias are more happy with creating sensation than actual sense, meaning. Giving importance only to enjoyment, crime and movies cannot be called as actual, true journalism. Only by building confidence with people through reliable, quality news, mass are attracted and believe in journalism. By utilizing corporates, carrying out business is a sign of bad journalism. Journalist must innovate, analyze and crave for something new in his/her daily journalism. Today all the medias are giving undue importance to negativeness, he regretted.



Varadesh Hiregange, director, Manipal school of communication,O Alex Chandi,PRO Manipal University and among others were present.

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