Udipi: Fishing activities will be back again after mandatory monsoon holidays

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Udipi; July 30:  Now the time is conducive for deep sea fishing after the monsoon holidays for the fishermen. All the fishermen are busy preparing their fishing nets and boats, those were anchored on the shore. Under 1986 Karnataka Sea fishing act, ban was imposed on fishing in the coastal region effective from June 15 to August 15.


Considering the unpredictable and variation in climatic condition and breeding period for fishes, the period between July 15 to August 15 has been declared as mandatory holidays for the deep sea fishing activities.

However some fishermen were going for fishing during this period with their local made boats and has been reported loss in the trade this year as compared to the previous year.

According to the fishermen, who were on fishing with local made boats, this season’s catch was very less and did not fetch much profit due to unfavorable weather condition and less number of fishes in the sea.

As per the sources Malpe fish market will be active again as usual effective from August 10 and pooja will be offered on August 4 to Kodavoor village deity (gram devatha) only after that fishermen will engage in fishing business. In Malpe 100 Persian, 500 fishing and around 600 deep sea trawler boats are there.All these boats will start their daily activities during the first week of August.

Only few fishermen who were doing fishing during monsoon with local boats are ready packing their fishing nets for the coming year after washing.

By: Shubhalaxmi Kadekar

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