Women need to rise up : KJSC

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Mangalore, July 29: Karnataka Journalists Study Centre organised workshop on Moral Policing, Women and Communalism at Roshani Nilaya College auditorium here on July 28, Sunday.


Mentioning about the ignominious attack on Morning Mist home stay at Padil, resource person Mamatha Hejamadi, Yajman of Vimochana, Bangalore, said that Inter- cast marriage and suicide attempts are increasing in educated youths. Though they are from different religion, only women held guilty, hence because of the community’s ethics, women looses her existence, she said.


‘Communalism tires to bind the women in its limit and not attempts her to release. Several people have died because of inter cast marriage, where it causes for mental assault and death of women. Nobody has given the right for oppression by crossing the moral values, she said.

Advocate Arvind Narayana of Alternative Law Forum, Bangalore, said that as many as more than hundred cases of moral policing were reported. This is not only applicable to Hindu people, rather than all religion people have fundamentalised the relegion. Everyone having the right to live and they can live according to their wish and all are equal under the law, he said.


TV journalist Naveen Soorinje explained the real picture of attack and one of the Victims Gurudath Kamath, opined about his painful story.

By: Raj Kulal

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