Udupi: He creates a car by saving pocket money!!

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Udipi; July 27: It is a general tendency that in present days whatever the pocket money given to the college students by their parents won’t be enough for their enjoyment.


But here in one of the rarer of rare cases one Mr Sharath, a lad of 17 years old, resident of Chanthaaru village in Udipi taluk has proved it other way round by assembling a three wheel model car by saving his pocket money. He says he has spent only Rs 10,000/=in the preparation of this car and if we improve this one by spending little bit of more money, this three wheel car can be used in army as well.


Sharath has rightly proved that “where is there a will, there is a way” and if we want to achieve something in our life, no foreign forces can deter us from doing so, he added.


Sharath, an 11nd year PUC student of SMS Pre-degree College, Brahmavara has prepared this model car during his summer vacation.

By saving his pocket money given by his father and by adding the money which was given by his relatives as a gift, he has prepared this three tyre car and christened it as Trio and it will give a mileage of 80 Km/hour, he says.


He further said that this car will have the seating capacity of only one person and small luggage can also be kept. Since it can run on mud (soil) roads, it can also be used in Army, he opined.


In the preparation of this car 100CC engine of scooter, which has been brought from scrap dealer and scoter tyres have been fixed and body is made up of metal sheets, he explained.

Prior to this, he has tried his hands for four wheel car but as the manufacturing cost is high, he had dropped the idea of four wheel car and continued with the manufacture of three wheel model car. This great achievement of Sharath has been well appreciated and lauded by all the members of his family.

He further explains that this car has been prepared by using parts of old vehicles and in future too by using the parts of old vehicles, this type of car can be built and if improved this car also can be used in army, he says.

With the manufacturing of this model car by Sharath by saving his pocket money given by his father, he has proved to the world that nothing is impossible and deters us from accomplishing our mission. Only will power, determination, dedication and more over vision is required to achieve something unique in everybody’s life, he says.

By: Shubhalaxmi Kadekar

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