Udupi; Mutton shop forcefully closed by the public

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Udupi, July 24: The people of Adi Udupi  forcefully closed  a mutton shop which was selling   rotten mutton and  staged  protest in front the meat stall.

Bhavani mutton stall was selling the meet which had worms in it. Nearly 150 kg of meat was found to be rotten at the stall.




For the perpose of Marigudi, Kaup around 40 people from Malpe had bought mutton . They bought the meat after reaching home ,  found worms in it. They went back to return the meat. Sadananda Bangera and Chandrakant gave a complaint against the shop and keeper Pradeep

At the end Pradeep  paid back the money to the customers  though he argued little,  that it was not his fault but of the customers who may not have stored it properly.


Police brought the situation under control. No FIR Charged.

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