In-land Group celebrated Inland “Windsors Family Day”

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Sunday proved to be a day of tremendous excitement at Mangalore’s iconic address – Inland Windsors.

Mangaluru : The In-land Group, always the pioneers in launching novel ideas in the real estate industry, held their first ever Inland Windsors Family Day on 28th Feb 2016.

Designed as a heart-warming event to bond the residents with each other and sponsored entirely by In-land, the Inland WIndsors Family Day turned out to be a whole day of fun for all the lucky residents of this award-winning residential complex situated on Airport Road, Mary Hill, Mangalore.

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Residents, young and old, signed up in large numbers for the sports and cultural events several days before the event. On Sunday they couldn’t wait any longer and were up at the crack of dawn dressed in their favourite sports outfits. Inland staff dressed in company t-shirts distributed caps to the excited residents. After a brief pep talk the action commenced.

The first event was a real test of strength and stamina – Climbing the Stairs of the 24 storey building. The winner was sure to be Superman or Superwoman ! And super they were – the winner clocked an unbelievable time of 3 minutes flat !!

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A sumptuous breakfast later, the residents got down to tackling: Threading the Needle, Lemon & Spoon Race, Relay Race,Three-legged Race, Table Tennisand Musical Chairs. Conducted separately for each age group, these events were keenly contested with roaring spectators cheering on from the side-lines. There were tears of joy for the winners and many heart-breaks for close losers. But all these were taken in the spirit of the game and there was no doubt that every participant and spectator was enjoying without inhibition.

A much needed lunch-break, arranged by In-land came next and then the residents rested for a spell to recover from the excitement and exuberance of the sports events.

The evening programme began at 7.00 pm and was packed with cultural events thatwere both endearing and keenly contested. An invocation bharatanatyam dance was followed with a brief address by the CMD Mr SirajAhamed, who said that “it had always been his dream, even while constructing Windsors, that one day he would organise an event of this nature to bring together the large number of residents at Windsors in a joyful occasion where caste, creed, religion and status would be meaningless and only friendship and camaraderie would be reign.” His speech was greeted with widespread cheering by the residents, some of whom came on stage later in the evening to profusely thank Mr SirajAhamed, saying they were amazed at the fact that a builder was so involved with the project and its residents, even two years after the inauguration of the building.

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A highlight of the evening was a Fashion Walk conducted by the residents, where they dressed up in costumes from various parts of India. Teams dressed up in Kashmiri, Keralite, Punjabi, Gujarati, Maharashtrian, Western and Indian Fusion costumeswon the hearts of all.Many youngsters displayed their dancing and singing talents bringing the stage and the evening alive with their precocious talents.

Nobody wanted the electric evening to end and they were consoled only by the assurance that this event would henceforth be conducted every year.  All in all, the good times rolled out in exhilarating fashion at IN-LAND Windsors on Sunday. A unique event from an unique builder.

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