Derogatory comments in facebook: Kadri police register cases against 21 persons.

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Mangaluru, December 26: Case has been registered at Kadri police station against the persons who had posted derogatory comments against social worker Vidya Dinakar in social sites. Derogatory comments were posted against social worker Vidya Dinakar by Bajrang Dal leader Puneeth Raj Kottari in his facebook  account and account with name veerakesari in facebook; and against which case has been registered.

Social worker Vidya Dinakar has filed case against 22 persons.

Bajrang Dal leader Puneeth Raj Kottari had posted derogatory comments about Vidya Dinakar in his facebook account. After Vidya Dinakar bought this matter to the notice of the police; Puneeth Raj Kottari had deleted this post from his facebook account.

With the account name veerakesari in facebook, remarks threatening to physically assault, rape and murder the complainant was uploaded. In her complaint, Vidya Dinakar has urged to take appropriate actions against the 21 persons involved in this.

Police Security for ‘Dilwale’:

Following the opposition by the activists of Bhajrang Dal in Mangaluru for screening Sharukh Khan’s movie ‘Dilwale’; police security was provided by the KSRP contingent and Mangaluru North police to theatres such as Cinepolis in City Centre, Big Cinemas in Big Bazar and PVR cinemas in Forum Mall in the city.

The shows of ‘Dilwale’ movie was suspended in these theatres. With a view that there should not be any problems to resume the shows in the theatres, the police security was provided.

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