A broad daylight burglary attempt foiled at Talapady

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Mangalore, July 09: It has been reported at Devinagara, Talapady on July 09, Tuesday, that a broad daylight incident, where two unidentified persons, claimed to be robbers, came on a bike and one of them entered the house of Keshav, a retired officer of agricultural department, in the pretext of asking mobile details. He threatened Sadhana, wife of Keshav, who was alone at home at the time of incident.

Sensing their motive, she cleverly tried to escape out of the house from behind but one of them caught her up and threatened Sadhana,  and fired gun shots. But luckily she was escaped unscathed and was petrified and screaming for help.

Hearing her screams, her husband Keshav, who was nearby to his house rushed to help her along with neighbors with wooden sticks in their hands. But robbers could succeed in escaping from the hands of neighbors.

Police arrived to the place of incident and registered a case.

Already received threatening call…….? Mistaken identity……?

Sources said that these robbers have already called Jayaprakash, BSNL official through internet and threatened to give Rs 10 lac.Since Jayaprakash declined to part with the amount, robbers straight away went to Devinagar at Talapady.

It was said that since they got one more address of the same name Jayaprakash, while on their way, they got confused. In the melee presuming, this might be Jayaprakash’s house, they entered the house of Keshav,retired agricultural officer and started searching house and asked with Sadhana about the details of Jayaprakash’s mobile number.

Gun… Real……or…………Duplicate??

Police in their preliminary investigation said that gun used by the robbers was a toy gun but the neighbors claim that the sound of the gun shots were too loud like an original pistol shots.

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