‘Lucia’ team in the town; Special interview with film hero

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Mangalore, July 01: Entire crew members of first public funded Kannada movie ‘Lucia’ have arrived into the city for the release of songs DVD at cinepolis on June 30, Sunday.


Through this film an opportunity has been given to new talents in playback singing. By being chosen for Indian-London film festival, it has given an inspiration.



Udit Harithan, Bappi Blasam and Arun have shown their excellence in singing.Sathish B, Kusumavathi,Shruti Hariharan are all in lead roles.





Main hero Ninanum B sathish has attracted the mind of viewers with his superb acting.

Extracts of the interview held with him by GulfKannadiga.com,during his stay in Mangalore:

1. Explain something about family background?

I am basically from Mandya district, born in agricultural family and I am the last out of eight children to my parents. Studied up to S S L C.I Joined Ninasam and learnt acting.

2. When did your talent come to light?

I got an interest in art, when I was too small and acted in many dramas, street dramas and in small screen serials like Guptagamini  apart from acting in ‘Thaka dhimi tha’

3.List out the pictures you acted before and explain the difference between those roles with the  current  role ?

Having acted in Pancharangi,Manasaare, dramas, now in this movie for the first time, I am in lead, hero role.In earlier films I was in villagers role  and in’ Lucia’I am in hero role.

4. Have you encountered any problem/hurdles when you stepping into film line?

Nobody is thee in our family in filmy world, therefore filmy field has become a foundation for me.Everybody has accepted and welcomed me with open hands.I didn’t come across any problems.

5.In filmy world ,which person you remember the most?

In filmy world,Yogeesh is my inspiration and if I don’t open my mouth, I am committing great sin and always remembering him.

6.Now you are a grown up man,what do you think about that?

Now after becoming a hero my responsibility has been increased and I have ensure that  people’s interest is not lost.keeping in mind all these factors I have to carry out my responsibilities very sensibly.Besides I am in learning level and many more to be studied.

7.What are your forthcoming films?

Kotle Sathish,Anjadha Gandu,Devre-these three films are in my hand.

8.What are your other areas of interest apart from being an acting?

I am interested in direction and planning to direct in films,he said.

9.In ability, sometimes we face problem and have you encountered any such problems?

I did not come across any problems and everything will be moving in the correct direction.

10) In order to come to movie have you received full support from your home people?

Complete support is there from people and only because of their support I could come to this level.

11.What would you like to convey the message to the viewers.

In this picture for viewers, it is shown a simple person’s life style and after becoming hero,his style

12.In filmy life,which is the most happiest moment and saddest moment ?

Happiest moment of the life,when I won drama cinema and most grieving moment of my life is sitting at home without any job

 Photo by:Sathish Kapikad

Report By :Nishmitha Bekal




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