Drug menace in rampant; Educational centres &urban area more vulnerable; Police must act decisively – JR Lobo

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Mangalore, June 26: Drug menace is the major killer in the society .The drug racketeers are mainly targeting educational centres and urban area, as a result of which many students in their teens lost their precious lives, said JR Lobo.


Addressing the gathering after inaugurating the workshop for teachers on the occasion of “International Day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking” organized by Link integrated Rehabilitation Centre for Addicts, Bajal in collaboration with Talent Research Foundation on June 26, Wednesday, Lobo said in his address that People who are in the business of drug trafficking, doing so, only in the lust for money. They target mainly students and society just for their own benefits i.e. greed for money and putting the entire society in utter scramble, he added.


He further intensified his statement by saying that in Mangalore, since 2002 we have been hearing of various cases of drug abuse. There was an instance where we received information that drugs were sold at small shops situated near St Aloysius College in 2002, when I was the MCC commissioner. We had then removed all the petty shops operating near the college area, said Lobo.


He further said that the drug dealer network is very strong and they mainly target poor, illiterate and middle class sections of the society. Over the past few months, we have heard many instances where students have lost their lives due to addict for drugs, he said, adding that it is important to create awareness among students and teachers on preventing drug abuse.


The issue of drug mafia and its prevention was discussed with the home minister during his recent visit to the city, he said.

If drug menace is not curbed, it is the educational institution that will lose its importance and ultimately our city. Police should also take strict action in getting rid of the increasing drug network as they are specialized in it and most importantly steps should be taken to sensitize police personnel, he said asking thee people to join their hands towards building g a healthy society.

Abdul Rauf Puthige,founder president of the Talent Research foundation,Dr Olinda Pereira, Moses Jayashekar,deputy director of public instruction (DDPI),Shakuntala,Sudhakar Rao,Link president,Lydia,Link administrator,Judith Mascarenhas,Dennis D’Silva,Dr Anish Bhatt among others were present.

 Photo source:Sathish Kapikad

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