Honesty costs nothing but buys everything; Duo Umesh & Satish proved it right

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Mangalore/Bajpe,June 5: Normally  whether it is bus drivers or rickshaw drivers and conductors in the district are always in the news for many reasons such as speeding, their negligence, rude behavior and many more to list out.

However it is never be the same with all the drivers and conductors. There are exceptions in every case similar to two faces of the coin.

Here in one of the rarest cases driver Umesh Shenoy and conductor Satish exhibited their true colour of their real honesty by returning gold ornaments worth Rs 1.5 lakhs to the real owner found in their bus while they were on duty in the bus plying between Mulky-Mangalore.

Duo, Umesh and Satish who work for private bus plying from Mulky-Mangalore until late in the noon and it was on Monday,one passenger named T K Ayesha boarded bus at Gurupur-Kaikamba and alighted at Mangalore bus stand.

When both Umesh and Satish were heading for lunch,they spotted a golden pearl necklace under the seat and they in turn handed over the same to Dinesh,owner of the bus.

After some time,Ayesha came and enquired about her lost necklace.Umesh grilled her by asking many questions about the identity of the necklace.Only after convinced about the authenticity of the identity of the necklace given by Ayesha,the necklace was returned to Ayesha and she in turn expressed her gratitude for their honesty.However she wanted to award the duo but they refused to accept it.

This is what honesty,courtesy means!!!! lesson to others to follow

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