All India second Hindu conference from June 6th to June 10th: Mohan Gowda

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Mangalore, June 3: Mohan Gowda, spokesperson of Karnataka Hindu people’s awareness committee (Karnataka Hindu Jana Jagruthi) has said in his speech that second All India Hindu Conference will be held at Ponda in Goa starting from 6th June 2013 to 1o June, 2013.

Sources said that more than 250 prominent personalities from 20 states are expected to participate in the rally.

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It has also been reported that for the first time prominent Hindu representatives from Nepal, Malaysia and refugee Hindus from Pakistan will also participate. Predominantly Hindu religious scholars, administrative officials from Hindu organizations and volunteers will also take part in the meet, it said.

Addressing the media reporters in the press meet held at Pathrika Bhavan on June 3, Monday, Mohan in his speech said that through this meet, rally must decide about the formation of Hindu organizations around the globe including India and to unite to fight against the injustices meted on Hindus.

In this context, in view of protecting Hindu community (Organizations) and its culture some decisions has been taken for countries like Pakistan,Bangladesh,Srilanka,Mohan added.

Besides, across the country cow slaughtering is being encouraged against Hindu culture and to oppose this, in national level to protect and save cows, many Hindu units (Sanghatanas) have been opened.

 In the rally exhibition on problems of Hindu culture will also be conducted. Mainly protection of religion(Dharma),nation, revolutionary person, atrocities on Hindus in Bangladesh,Kashmir,Love Jihad, Cow protection, formation of Hindu nation, necessities  and more other issues will be discussed in the conference, he said.

Hanumanth Kamath, Mangalore Sevanjali trust, Ashwini Prabhu, Sanathana trust, Harshavardhana Shetty,Hindu Jana Jagruti were present in the meet.

 Photo source:Sathish Kapikad

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