Sexual harassment; ACP Jagannath transferred to Bangalore

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Mangalore, June 2 : It has been reported that ACP Jagannath, who had been serving in the district since many years has been transferred to Bangalore on sexual harassment and mental torture ground.

It has been alleged that when ASI Srikala of Pandeshwara Police station applied for leave, ACP T R Jagannath Mangalore south refused to sanction and instead harassed her mentally and sexually.

A complaint in this regard against ACP T R Jagannath has been lodged with police commissioner Manish Kharbikar, it said. In this context DYFI and other likeminded organizations, sanghatanas have urged the police commissioner to take an action against T R Jagannath and also requested for high level investigation.


Police commissioner Manish Kharbikar referred the matter to “Sexual harassment Solving Committee” for investigation and asked the committee to submit the findings at the earliest. During the time of investigation only, ACP TR Jagannath has already been transferred.

Efforts by Police department to save TR Jagannath:

It was on 30.05.2013 in the press meet DYFI leaders have alleged  that police department is trying its best to protect TR Jagannath and forced Srikala to withdraw the complaint and threatened her to keep silent.

DYFI further alleged that two years back Srikala’s husband was booked for some financial irregularies and FIR was registered and subsequently the same case was closed. But now when Srikala lodged the complaint against ACP, immediately Mangalore rural police have revoked the earlier case against ASI Srikalas husband to divert the attention of the people from the actual fact of Srikala’s mental and sexual harassment and thereby senior officers in collaboration with ACP, trying to protect Jagannath, it alleged.

It is further alleged that in order to safeguard ACP TR Jagannath, officers of equal rank in line with Jagannath and subordinates have been appointed in the sexual harassment investigation committee.In spite of ample number of complaints against ACP TR Jagannath were there, police department has been protecting him.

Senior literature Sara Abubacker, Vidya Dinakaran, Social activist, Krishnananda D, SFI state secretary jeevanraj Kuthar, Nithin Kuthar, B K Imtiaz and Raghu yekkar were present in the press meet.

Photo source:Sathish Kapikad

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