New building for District court soon; work in final stage

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Mangalore, June 02: Work of Mangalore district court building is in the final stage, expected to finish by the end of June, 2013 and authorities have given the deadline of July 8th for start functioning official court activities.

Last year concerned MLAs and authorities in the meeting to assess the progress of the building works had promised that the works will be getting over by the end of the December month and subsequently handed over but due to additional works of the building, work has been delayed, it said.

7 years before: On March 18, 2006 in the presence of then chief minister H D Kumarswamy, high court chief justice Cyriac Joseph had laid a foundation stone but even after seven years passed, works have not been completed and expenses have been increased

Three phase works: In the first phase Rs 1.05 crore had been released. Between 2006 May 25th and 2007 May 25th, from these amount 899 Sqft area, half of the basement and car parking works have been completed.

In the second phase Rs two crore had been released. Between 2007 June 4th and 2009 January 4th in the basement, remaining portion of the car parking, lift and electrification works etc has been completed.

Painting works: In the third phase Rs 18 crore had been released. Out of this amount, complete flooring works in ground floor and from 1st floor to 6th floor a total of 30 courts hall had been built. Now even sixth floor works have also been completed and now laying of tiles on the roofs and painting works of the building is in progress.

In the ground floor there are family related dispute courts and in the first floor chief justice court hall and conference hall and in second floor complete administrative block and from third floor to 6th floor, a total of 24 court halls will be built.

Three lifts: There will be three lifts and from behind one life exclusively meant for the movements of lawyers and judges and other two in the front are for public use. Door works for the lifts have already done inspection by PWD and related engineers have also been done, they have suggested for transparent doors. Accordingly a budget of Rs.1.5 crore has been prepared.

At the cost of 67 lakhs provision for the supply of water is being done. One lakh litre water capacity sump (tank) for the convenience of firebrigade, for daily usage, 50 thousand litre capacity overhead tank is being constructed. An arrangement for modern fire service station equipped with all the facilities at the cost of 1.5 crore is being built.

For seating arrangements and related works for entire building a budget of Rs 8.5 crore has been prepared. Out of that, Rs 4.5 crore has been already released and works for seating arrangements have already been started from first floor to third floors. Remaining Rs 4 crore has been sanctioned and tender process is going on.

There is a small road leading towards but fire service authorities refused to give permission. In this context a separate plan has been drawn to construct a road of 580 metre length and 12 mtre width at the cost of Rs 7.5 crore from SDCDCC till Mahindra arcade. For this project money has to be sanctioned from the budget.

The court building was to be completed by last December, 2012 but due to some technical problems, works have been delayed and now the work is in progress. By finishing works of first phase, the functioning of court activities will start from first week of July,13 according to B Gopal Nayak,executive engineer,PWD department.

Photo source:  through Sathish Kapikad

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