Free annual books distribution function by Moodbidri Devadigara Sangha

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Mangalore/Moodbidri, May 28: An annual free book distribution function was organized by Devadigara Sudharaka Sangha (Reg), Sree Ramapura Gowrikere, at Sangha’s premise on May 26, Sunday.A total of 62 children were given books.

Programme was started sharp at 11.00 am in the morning. Ratnakar C Moily, President, welcomed the newly elected MLA from Mulky-Moodbidri constituency minister for youth welfare and fisheries Abhayachandra Jain- President of the function, chief- guest Vasanth Kumar Nitte, Principal Alva’s college higher secondary school, English medium, Moodbidri and other prominent personalities from the community on the dais.


Ratnakar C Moily introduced the guests on the stage to the audience and welcomed them by offering flowers by the committee members.

Abhayachandra Jain, MLA from Moodbidri and newly elected minister for Youth welfare and fisheries has been felicitated and honored on behalf of the sangha by the committee members and gathered guests on the dais.


Abhayachandra Jain, in his presidential address said that unlike in the olden days where education was unaffordable and beyond the reach of common man, now it is handy, provided children take an interest.

Citing an example of M Veerappa Moily,union minister for corporate and petroleum,Jain briefed the childhood life of Moily.He  was born in a middle class agricultural family in Moodbidri and how his mother nurtured him to be a man of this caliber.Veerappa Moily was keen in his studies, brilliant student and became the school people leader in a school where Jain community students were more dominant, Moodbidri Jain High school and introduced parliamentarian system of administration in his school days,Jain added. He was using kerosene lamp for his study purpose, he added


Further Jain said that only because of Veerappa Moily’s help and blessings, he has been continuously winning in the assembly election for the fourth time in this Moodbidri constituency. Even in the recently concluded assembly election, without lobbying in Delhi for the ticket, he got the ticket to contest by sitting at Moodbidri, he said.

He thanked Oscar Fernandez, Veerappa Moily and other leaders including president of national congress Sonia Gandhi for their help in his victory and subsequent elevation to ministerial berth.

Jain also highlighted some of the contributions made by Dr.Moily towards the welfare of the people of the state regardless of their religion,caste,creed,languages like direct recruitment of teachers, CET for the middle class students, land tribunals etc. Dr.Moily even corrected his own past mistakes, advised him and guided him in the right direction and Moily is the real role model in his life. he added.


Vasanth Kumar Nitte,Principal,Alva’s  English medium higher secondary school,Moodbidri said in his chief guest speech that the responsibility of identifying talents in children and motivating them must be carried out by sanghas of respective community/caste. In this context whatever the job Devadigara Sangha, Moodbidri is doing is highly commendable, he said.

He further said that Sanghas are very much needed for the growth of the society, welfare of the people and hence people must come forward in the mainstream such as economically, culturally, spiritually, politically and in the education field as well.

In this context he is contemplating to hold one mass conference involving members from all the Sanghas, which is the need of the hour, which will help us to bring to the notice of government, about the problems faced by the community people, he added.

Shekar Moily padebettu in his speech emphasized the importance of education in the present scenario and advised the students to give more importance to education along with other extra-curricular activities. Education, he said is the main tool in our life to overcome all our hurdles in the life and without education, man is like brute. With the help of education, one can travel to any destination of the globe, he said

He further advised children to preserve our Tulu culture and how to respect their elders including parents, which is diminishing at galloping speed. Adapting to western culture is nothing wrong but not at the cost of our own Tulu culture. There are advantages and disadvantages are there in both the cultures but we have to absorb only good out of western culture and don’t be a complete slave to western culture, he added.

He also mentioned about the responsibilities of the parents in grooming their children and children alone cannot be blamed for their misbehavior, even parents are part of it and parents role is very important,he added.

Sharath Kumar, Dubai while speaking on the occasion shared his experience about how he and his team mobilized Rs 2, 77, 000/- which is meant for scholarship disbursement amongst the deserving students from the community.

The sangha had been conducting this fete of annual free book distribution for the poor students of the community starting from third standard up to SSLC.

Some of the likeminded people after spotting the talents in the students and to encourage and motivate the students to pursue their studies have mooted this idea of instituting free book distribution annually as a help.

One amongst many people who is instrumental and played a pivotal role in instituting this scheme in co-ordination with other likeminded people locally and abroad from the community, is none other than Sangha’s former president late Muchoor Sundar Devadiga,(expired on 10.08.2012) who in fact in his stint as the president of the Sangha had tried his best to bring out some of the pro-people schemes, which are beneficial to both people of the community in general and poor students in particular during his tenure.

President and Secretary of Sangha informed about the renovation of Sree Rama Bhajana Mandir, Gowrikere and sought the co-operation from likeminded people, generous donors and community members for the completion of this noble task of renovation of this temple before the ensuing Ramanavami.

Shrinivas Devadiga,Vice president,Ramesh Devadiga,Chief secretary,Zilla samiti, Shekar Moily padebettu, Sharath Kumar,Dubai,Krishna Devadiga,Dubai,Umesh Devadiga,Shyam Devadiga,founder of scholarship fund,Hemalatha Lokesh,Thejashree Sampath,Purandara,Satheesh Devadiga and among others were present on the dais.

Vasanth Devadiga, Secretary, read out the report,Smt Vijayalaxmi was assisting and guiding the applicants how to proceed while applying for scholarship, Smt.Susheela, Secretary, Mahila unit read out the names of the deserving students for free books.

A cheque for Rs 2, 77,000/-mobilized by Gowrikere Friends led by Sharath Kumar, Dubai has been handed over to Ratnakar C Moily, President of Sangha towards scholarship fund

At the end a sumptuous  vegetarian lunch has been served to all the people by the Sangha

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