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Promote Universal peace through relegious tolerance & understanding calls Dr. Moily

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Mangalore, May 27: Dr.M Veerappa Moily, Union minister for Petroleum in his presidential address on the occasion of “Amrithamahotsava”celebration  held at auditorium of Devadigara seva Sangha, Chitpadi, near Udipi on May 26, Sunday said that caste is born for profession (duty) not for conflict. This caste difference between upper and lower must be eliminated/balanced by upper segments of people and uniformity must be developed among the people, he added.






An opportunity comes once, which is coming on everybody’s life, must be grabbed at the right moment and work with sincerity, dedication, determination and willingness, which definitely will help to reach pinnacle of the life and success is guaranteed, he assured. Impurities/negativeness must be removed from the mind, he said.

“Religions were not created to give rise to hatred and enmity between groups. The core teachings of all the religions in the world are religious tolerance, non-violence, and peace. We should get these principles deep-rooted in our minds. This should spread through families, states, and nations, to become a global religion in itself. The battles in our minds can give rise to world war, and peace which permeates from our minds has the potential to achieve world peace,”

Dr Moily promised in front of the audience that for the opening of music and art school (Vaadhya Sangeetha shaale) he will extend his full support through state and union government.


Vinaya Sorake, newly elected MLA from Kaup block and urban development minister, while addressing the gathering said in his speech that for the overall progress of the society organizations/Sanghas/Kootas/Sanghatanas like this are very crucial/essential and contribution from them is immense and poverty can be eradicated only through education, he said.

Former legislator Raghupati Bhat while speaking said in his speech that as requested by Devadiga Sangha, Jagadish Shettar, former chief minister has released one crore from the state government’s ex-chequer and 25 lakhs had already been sanctioned and requested Dr Moily to take personal interest in this regard enabling the release of remaining balance of Rs 75 lakhs from the present state government.


Shree Easha Vittaldas Swamiji of Kemar Saandeepana Saadhanaashrama said in his speech that in the name of modernization family value, orderliness is being lost and diminishing, in the name of urbanization forests are being inhumanly destroyed, number of unwanted cards are being used, morality has got no place, which is not the healthy sign of human prosperity and societies growth, swamiji added.

For the contended and peaceful life one must inculcate the habit of preserving and protect Dharma of their own.

If land (earth), water and cultures are being protected there is no doubt that one can build strong, stable society, he clarified.



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Ambalpadi temple Dharmadharshi Dr.Ni.B Vijaya Ballal, MLA Pramodh Madhwaraj, Sudhakar Kumar, businessman, Mumbai, Vijayalaxmi Shibaroor, Journalist were the chief guests on the occasion.

Dharmapal U Devadiga, honorable president of Amrathamahotsa samiti, Ganesh Devadiga, president of the Sangha, committee members like Ratnakara G S, Shridhar Devadiga, Bailoor, Seetharam K, Chitpadi and dinesh Devadiga were present on the occasion.

Dr.B.S Sherigar welcomed the gathering, Ratnakara Devadiga anchored the programme.All the achievers have been honored and felicitated and souvenir to commemorate the occasion has been released on this occasion.

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