MCC commissioner inspects spot at Pumpwell for constructing modernized bus stand.

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Mangaluru, January 7: A spot inspection was conducted at Pumpwell to build full-fledged bus stand on January 6th at 3 pm by a team comprising of Hephsiba Rani Korlapati, the commissioner of Mangalore City Corporation, Mayor Mahabala Marla and MLA J R Lobo.

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The team inspected the place and discussed about the plans and problems with expert architects. The commissioner studied the blueprint of the new bus stand.

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Priority will be given for the better management of movement of the vehicles according to the plan. Currently 525 buses are making daily 2500 trips from the state bank based bus stand. A suggestion was made that all the floors should have access to service road of the National highway. Beautification of canal was also discussed.

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MLA J R Lobo suggested that three floors should be used for the buses and top floor for parking facility for private vehicles.

Speaking to the media MLA J R Lobo said, the land was acquired five years back and the MCC has acquired a total of 7.28 acres land. Grant’s as well as the loans is required from the government. We hope within two years, the full-fledged bus stand will be available for the commuters in Mangaluru, he said.

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Mayor Mahabala Marla said, we need to get the permission from National Highways Authority of India. The work will begin as soon as the permission is granted. There will be no shortage of funds as the state government is ready to grant the funds, we will build the best stand as soon as possible with the available space and co-operation of all.

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Commissioner Hephsiba Rani Korlapati said, the land has been acquired five years ago, we aim to have a proper concept plan as to what work can be done before the republic day. So, the spot is inspected to check the ground situation. The work has already begun from today and MCC is ready to render all the support.

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At the inspection spot, Gokul Das Nayak, Deputy Commissioner (Administration), Ashok Kumar D K, Corporator and architects among others were present.

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