Yedurappa warns of state wide protest if State Government fails to reduce bus fares.

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Mangaluru, January 1: B S Yedyurappa, former chief Minister of Karnataka State spoke during a press meet organised in the city during his private visit to the city on Wednesday, December 31st and said, the citizens of the state are dissatisfied with the Kasturirangan committee report.

Conversing with the media he said, in Karnataka, 1512 villages are affected by this report. If the forest is saved it is because of the people who live in forest areas.  They have not harmed the environment in any manner. The Kerala government has sent its opinion on Kasturirangan report to union government, and hence is relieved. But our state government has not given its assessment and opinion on this report to the union government.  He said, Kasturirangan report should not be implemented.

Speaking about the hike in bus fares he said, bus fares were raised by 12 percent when diesel and petrol prices were raised. But the now; the price has fallen, and hence bus fares have to be reduced and he has also warned of holding a state wide protest if the state government fails to reduce the fare.

Congress government withdrew the Anti Cow Slaughter Bill and tried to push through the law to take over Maths and temples by amending the Karnataka Hindu Religious Institutions and Charitable Endowments Act. The government should conduct a unbiased administration, he said.

Yedurappa said, law and order are poorly maintained. He said his party has aims to achieve 10 crores of fresh memberships during this year.

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