First rain of the season, creates havoc in the area; Worried locals threatened by land buyers

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Mangalore, May 22: It has been reported that first rain of the season has created havoc in Paddaibettu, near Janthabettu, Kuthethur, Suratkal.

As per the available sources an artificial deluge was occurred in Paddaibettu, near Janthabettu, Kuthethur, Suratkal as a result of first rain of the monsoon on May 20, Monday night. The complete agricultural fields and courtyards of the houses in the area have been marooned with artificial flood water. Locals who protested in this connection have been threatened with dire consequences by the land buyers. The locals are of the feeling that entire agricultural fields will be of no use, if the trend like this continues.


 The concerned authorities if they don’t take any step/measure to solve this problem of entering flood water into the agricultural fields and courtyards, people of the area have to undergo terrible mental torture and live without peace and lose the crops.

Sources further said nearly 17 acres of land at Paddaibettu was sold to one person of Ullal resident but at the time of leveling the land, they flouted all the norms of developmental works of the land and leveled the land as per their whims and fancy, thereby inflicted a biggest pain for the people of the region.


It has also been reported that Officials from Permude Panchayat called both the parties (seller& buyer) and warned them to take adequate steps to prevent mud/flood water entering into the agricultural fields and courtyards of the houses. They have also been directed to build strong walls to prevent mudslide during rainy season.


When locals drawn the attention of both seller and buyer of the land, they arbitrarily told the locals that this is our way of leveling the land and if you want to do anything, you can go ahead as per your wish.


Annoyed residents of this attitude/approach, lodged a second complaint in this regard with local panchayat and copy of the complaint has been forwarded to deputy commissioner and tahsildar, it is stated.

Residents are worried too much because if the result of first rain of the season is like this, what about during full-fledged monsoon?

Locals say that they have already forwarded memorandum to deputy commissioner, tahsildar and political representatives to take some remedial steps ahead of monsoon.

Courtesy: Ravindra Shetty, Kuthethur

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