We don’t need American model Govt but Pro-labor one ; Says Amarjeet Kaur

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Mangalore, May 15: Addressing the media reporters on May 14, Monday Amarjeet Kaur, CPI (M) National secretary said in her speech that both Congress and BJP are like two faces of same coin and policies of both the parties are similar, nothing to say much about that.

In her chief guest speech in the party’s mammoth rally and organizational convention held at Padmanabha Nagar of B C Road she said that because of maladministration of both Congress and BJP, situation of Indian economy is so deteriorated to the extent that labour classes of this country have to beg for their square meal, she said.


She further said in her scathing attack on both Congress and BJP that we don’t want the government of USA model, who sit inside the air conditioner room and dictate the terms but we in India , need the government which responds to the needs of common man and which provide basic necessities of the common labor class.


When employees of government who are in high position, are drawing salaries in thousands per day but same government do not have the money to pay the salary of common labour.From where these money come for the affluent authorities, she questioned.

She further appealed to the people of the country to unite together and fight for our rights and oppose such corrupt governments which are acting against the wishes of poor and labor class.

Inaugurating the programme P V Lokesh, State secretary CPI (M) said in his speech that in view of strengthening the labor sanghatane and to protect the rights of poor people, these kinds of conferences, seminars are being held periodically, he said.

He further accused BJP that due to the efforts of labour class BJP came to power in 2008 but now it is the duty of common/labour segment to see that BJP wave is not repeated again in the state.

He further alleged that unemployment is increased, no job security, money value has been come down, inflation and corruption at rampant etc are observed all over the country.

CPI (M) had been fighting against all these injustices and anti-labour governments all these period and the result of our fight will only be made known in the upcoming Lok sabha election, which will be held in 2014.

P Sanjeeva, Zilla secretary presided over the conference. Chief guests like CPI (M) senior leader Vishwanath Naike, Sathi Sundaresh among others were present on the dais.

B.Shekar, Chief secretary welcomed the gathering, Seetharama Berinje has proposed a vote of thanks and Sathish Kumar conducted the programme.

Prior to the programme a mammoth march fast has been organized from Kaikamba Dhwara to B.C road conference dais by the party members.


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