Expenses of women’s special care unit per month would cost Rs 1.20 lakhs: D C, A.B.Ibrahim.

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Mangalore, October25:  The deputy commissioner of DK district A B Ibrahim has revealed that the special care unit which would be opened to prevent the atrocities against women would cost Rs 1.20 lakhs of rupees per month.

Speaking at a press meet he said, a counsellor’s post is vacant for which monthly remuneration of Rs 10,000 would be paid.


each of the two legal advisers  who are appointed by the Legal Services Authority  will be paid a sum of  Rs 5,000 to 10,000 , each of the three social workers (8 hours on duty) would be paid Rs 6,000(all in total 18,000) , and each of the two civilian workers would be paid Rs 4,500( all in total 9,000). Besides,  it has been estimated a sum of Rs 73 thousand as expenses towards electricity, water, telephone, drug costs, travel expenses , food for 6 members which costs Rs 200 per head. Apart from the 7 posts designated by Ladygoshen hospital and police department, 8 other employees and other monthly expenditure are estimated of Rs 1.20 lakh.

It has been permitted to spend Rs 1 lakh (once) towards the expense of printer, Internet, UPS, including computer furniture, posters, hoardings, the board and campaign.

35-units in state: In the last budget, this unit was announced by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah. According to which all the facilities will be provided under the same roof. Apart from the 30 districts in the state, the hospitals in Bangalore such as Bowring, Lady Curzon, K C General, Nimhans, Jayadeva Cardiac Hospital and Bangalore Medical College, along with these 5 places to open a total of 35 units, administrative consent has already been issued by the state government.

Facility: Each district hospital will have 3 or 4 rooms. Assaulted women can be admitted for emergency treatment. In each unit 24 hours free Women’s Helpline (1091) facility will be provided, informed the deputy commissioner.

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