World’s fattest woman at 56.4st wants to walk down aisle with toyboy fiance

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London: Despite weighing in at 56.4 stone, world’s fattest housebound woman is planning to walk up the aisle with her lover who is almost half her age.

Charity Pierce, 38, said that she is determined not to have to get married to her 22-year-old fiance Tony Saur at home, reported.

Pierce, from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, also revealed that she feared having a heart attack or a stroke and dying in her sleep, but she doesn’t want much from life, but just a life.

Meanwhile, Saur, who is helping Pierce lose 20st before the wedding so she can have a life-saving gastric bypass operation, asserted that his fiance’s size has never been an issue for him.

Saur believes that Pierce will be a beautiful bride, but also worries that she is going to die early so he tries to support her to lose weight which he is confident she will.

In an effort to achieve her dream goal, Pierce has cut down on her calorie intake and is taking a well balanced diet.

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