Facebook comments get employee in hot water

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This is the first time in Sri Lankan corporate history that an action is initiated against an employee for FB comments

Colombo: An inquiry is to be held against an employee of a reputed Lankan corporate, for the first time in Sri Lankan Corporate history, for allegedly inciting racial hatred and making sexually derogatory remarks on Facebook, ‘Daily Mirror’ reported on Monday.

Anuruddha Bandara, CEO, Eco Lodge, said: “The existing guidelines permit us to take action against employees who do such things on social media. However, we are going to be more specific and will introduce strict guidelines specifically covering social media from next month onwards.”

The action marks a first in Sri Lankan corporate history which strictly scrutinizes the conduct of their employees on social networking.

Educating employees of their conduct on social media, which is public domain, is of paramount importance to Lankan corporate, he said.

Bandara added: “As responsible corporate citizens we have to educate our employees regarding these issues. Social media is spreading like wildfire among youth in rural areas and we have to, therefore, educate them as to how they should conduct themselves on a public domain.”


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