Watch: Bone-chilling moment! Teen falls off 30ft coastal cliff

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He was lucky enough to survive the accident, thanks to his giant rucksack.

A 19-year-old man narrowly escaped death on the sets of a survival reality TV show after falling off a 30ft-high coastal cliff. Patrick Dauncey had lost his balance while he was free-climbing on The Island with Bear Grylls show when the incident happened.

Participants in the show are dropped on an inhabited island in the Pacific and are compelled to survive using only their instincts and the natural resources around them. It was when the group was searching for firewood that Dauncey slipped and fell. The situation had become even scarier as the rough seas made it difficult for a rescue boat to come to the spot.

Dan Quemby, one of the two doctors who accompanied the group, told Digital Spy that if it wasn’t for the heavy rucksack that Dauncey had been wearing; he would have ended up paralysed or even dead.

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