Women in short dresses to be barred in Chandigarh nightclubs

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Chandigarh: In an attempt to curb anti-national sentiments, Chandigarh administration has issued a decree to regulate women dress code in discotheque and clubs. Being wary of the prevailing club culture that might lead to political turbulence, the administration has barred women from wearing short skirts, according to a report.

Adhering to the rules of the new found policy — Controlling of Places of Public Amusement, 2016 — the administration has restricted the functioning of clubs and bars. Further, late night parties at discotheques have also been curtailed on grounds of sedition and indecency.

According to the administrative body, skimpily dressed woman at discotheques and clubs might ignite political discontent, therefore, it has decided to forbid women from wearing scanty dresses. Besides, bar owners have also been directed to follow the decree and in case they fail to do so, their license will be taken away.

However, hoteliers have outrightly refused to adhere to the policy.

According to the joint home secretary, Karnal Singh, the new development is an outcome of Punjab and Haryana High Court’s order that aims at regulating the city’s nightlife to avoid political discontent.

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