The world’s 14 most incredible swimming pools

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Swimming pool in the San Alfonso Del Mar' resort in Chile

World’s biggest … San Alfonso Del Mar’ resort in Chile

Just imagine binning off the day job and jetting away to relax in one of these shimmering beauties, hailed as being among the finest on the planet.

Like the image above of the world’s biggest swimming pool at the San Alfonso Del Mar resort in Chile.

It cost more than £700million to build, is eight hectares in surface area and holds a mind-boggling 66m gallons of water – so much you can even sail boats across it.

The San Alfonso features in a jaw-dropping new Twitter feed called   Pools Porn(not to be confused with, well, you can imagine).

Some sit atop mountains with stunning views, others hang over the edge of buildings or in the gardens of paradise hotels.

Dive into our gallery of favourites below and let the daydreaming commence…

Imagine sipping a chilled glass of white in this at sunset… Elounda Gulf Villas, Crete - pool looking out over bay, circles in water

Gorgeous … the Elounda Gulf Villas, Crete
Take a dip in the pool…or the sea….


Magical … the Maldives

Always nice to have a sofa and a cocktail to lounge on in your towel…


Paradise … mystery cliffside pool and seating

Looks like a rich Eskimo’s chilly front room but is actually in toasty Greece…


Private … intimate pool room

Nothing like a swim to build up an appetite…

Huvafen Fushi resort in the Maldives

Luxury … the Huvafen Fushi resort, Maldives

We could look at this view all day…

Santorini, Greece!

Infinity pool … in Santorini, Greece

If you won the Lottery… Indoor pool

Indoor … cave design

…then the EuroMillions too…

Luxury pool house

Super luxury … playboy pad with pools galore

What a way to warm up after a bit of skiing… Steamy pool

Steamy … mountain retreat

That annoying walk to the pool…forget it! Bali

Splashing time … pads in Bali

This hotel’s pool comes with quite a city view…

Hotel pool

Ledge-endary … hotel pool

If only all front rooms had secret built-in swimming pools…

Hideable pool

Secret swimmers … pool emerges from the floor

Whatever you do, don’t look down…!Glass pool

Glass idea … pool hangs over edge (Sun)

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