1000 kg Bosnian chicken stew eyes Guinness World Record

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A Bosnian chef cooked a chicken stew, enough to serve 14,000 people, in the hope to break Guinness World Record for biggest chicken stew. Around 100 cooks and volunteers used 1,000 kilograms (2,205 pounds) of chicken meat and about 300 kilograms of vegetables to prepare the traditional dish, called Bey’s soup, in the center of Sarajevo, and it took 8 long hours to cook the dish in an enormous, meter-high pot, Fox News reported.


The details are being sent for verification to Guinness officials.While a part of the dish was offered to the people who had come to watch, the rest was supposed to be distributed to soup kitchens, where it would be served to thousands of people living below the poverty line.


“We needed 1,000 kilos of chicken meat, 150 kilos of carrots, 50 kilos of celery, up to 30 kilos of onions, 15 kilos of okra, 100 kilos of flour as well as 100 liters of oil and 50 kilos of butter,” chef Zaim Merdan was quoted saying to AFP. Dozens of volunteers helped the cooks chop meat and vegetables.


Thousands of onlookers gathered at Sarajevo square to witness the spectacle and some even got a taste of the stew, which was distributed among the crowd. Organizers said the rest would be distributed to soup kitchens that fed Bosnia’s poor, who comprise nearly one-fifth of the country’s population.

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