Chinese students have drunken birthday sex on street

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Two mainland Chinese students were spotted having sex in public outside of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University for an impressive 45 minutes before getting shooed off by police. Ning Dang, 19, from Mongolia, had reportedly been celebrating his birthday at a bar close to university dorms when he met the unnamed girl.

After a drinking session to mark his birthday, the pair began walking home but only got halfway before they were filmed allegedly having sex. Captured on a mobile phone and uploaded anonymously online, the video shows the pair apparently at it for 45 minutes before they are stopped by police.

‘They were both very drunk and when officers arrived they were both fully dressed, although when the woman stood up, her trousers, which had not been put on properly, fell down,’ said a police spokesman was quotes in the ‘They were both giggling but as the officers hadn’t caught them doing anything wrong they were let off with a caution.’

According to reports, the police spokeswoman said the pair was released as officers did not see any illegal behaviour when they arrived, nor did they locate any witnesses.

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