Childhood friends who played football as boys are set to marry as man and wife

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Middlesbrough: Childhood friends who played football together as boys are set to marry years later as man and wife.

This dramatic turn of events took place when one of them underwent gender reassignment surgery.

Christopher Dodd, 24, and Fay Purdham, 27, are now a couple, with the latter transitioning to become a woman at the age of 23, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The two lost touch as teenagers. It was during this time that Fay, born Kevin, came out of the closet as gay and started his transformation process.

Fay took hormones for years and later went on to have a gender reassignment surgery.

Christopher and Fay reunited at the former’s 21st birthday party.

Fay recalled that as soon as Christopher saw her, he came over to her and his first words were: “God you look different”.

Fay went on to say that by now he had really grown into a handsome young man and she was very attracted to him right from the start – plus she also had a feeling that he also liked her.

Their first meeting after Fay’s transformation turned out to be rather pleasant and the evening ended with Christopher kissing her.

The childhood football buddies are very much in love now. They recently got engaged and are looking forward to tie the knot.

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