Argentinian man dies after sex with dolled-up scarecrow strapped with sex toy

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Argentina: In a bizarre accident, a 58-year-old Argentinian man died while having sex with a scarecrow that he dressed in lipstick and a fancy wig.

According to reports, he had strapped a sex toy to his ‘sex mate’.

Jose Alberto was found dead in his house in San Jose de Balcare, according to the Daily News.

Police officials investigating the case have said that there were no signs of violence. They are working on the case with the assumption that the man died during sex with the scarecrow.

Alberto is believed to have stuffed up the scarecrow with clothes to and tied a 6-inch strap-on penis to it.

His neighbours had informed the police after a foul stench was coming from his house.

Alberto lived alone in the house. His autopsy results have still not been released.

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