Should have a woman on US currency notes, 9-year-old writes to President Obama

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obama reply to 9 yr old girl

Mumbai: When 9-year-old Sofia returned home from school after reading about Ann Hutchinson, she was wondering why only famous men are seen on US currency. She was surprised to see that women didn’t have any place on US currency at all.

She wanted to find out and fix the matter herself. To do that she decided to write a letter to someone important who would be able to fix the problem and wrote to US President Barack Obama himself.

As reported by TIME, Sofia’s letter to the President has gone viral. Various change groups in the US are already trying to bring in a legislation that will provide for women to be honoured by putting in their faces on US currency.

She asked President Obama over the absence of Ann Hutchinson and other important women on US currency that have made a difference to the United States and the world.

A fan of eminent women’s rights activist Ann Hutchinson, she also wants famous women like Rosa Parks faces on US dollar bills.

The letter written last year did not receive any response for a long time from the White House.

However, Sofia received a surprise when a reply to her mail arrived. That too from President Barack Obama no less!

The President lauded Sofia for her letter and her thoughts. He encouraged her to study further and make a difference to the lives of people through her work and actions.

He promised her that he would look into the issue pointed by Sofia and try and bring in a change that will provide the opportunity to have faces of prominent women on US currency.

He also invited Sofia to the annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

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