Indian crocodile curry served as the ‘world’s hottest dish’

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London: Claim to be a spice lover? You may want to try out this crocodile curry served by an Indian restaurant in the UK, which the makers are claiming to be the “world’s hottest dish.”

The dish called Crocodile Inferno is made of real crocodile meat and red-hot chilli es, and is so fuming that the chefs have to wear gas masks to avoid being overcome by the fumes, the Daily Star reported. There is also a competition being held for customers, who are brave enough to try the dish at the Dilshad in Cannock, Staffs.

Owner Tony Uddin said that the participants would be required to sign a disclaimer as it could be quite dangerous. He added that people have been known to hallucinate while trying the dish, and hence they only encourage people who really enjoy hot curries to take part.

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