Meet the woman who bedded 12 strangers in a year with husband’s permission

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New York: A woman, who got bored from her husband after 18 years of marriage, took a “year off” and slept with 12 other men with her husband’s permission.

Robin Rinaldi, who placed an ad seeking casual encounters with new men and women, has described what happened on her yearlong sex odyssey in her memoir ‘ The Wild Oats Project ,’ the New York Post reported.

Rinaldi said that many people would find this hard to understand, but, as the door to motherhood closed as her husband did not wanted kids, she found herself rushing towards this whole other outlet of heightened female experience, taking lovers.

She slept with a total of 12 people, including two women, during the Wild Oats Project.

The 50-year-old further added that the turning point was hearing from Alden, one of her old sex partners, and they fell deeply in love.

Five years on, Alden and Rinaldi are happily living together. It’s a regular, monogamous relationship. She was grateful she experienced her marriage to Scott (who has since found a new partner) but now, for this part of her life, she believe being with someone who was the most temperamentally like her was where she could learn more.

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