‘Sex’ cuts risk of falling ill, says study

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London: It is now not an unknown fact that getting under those sheets is actually good not just for you but for your health too.

Researchers at the University of Montreal have revealed that sex helps people reduce their risk of suffering from various diseases. The exchange of genetic material between men and women during a sexual intercourse causes the species to evolve and become more resilient to bugs and illnesses, the Daily Star reported.

A team of Canadian researchers found that parts of human genome, that do not combine as often as others, carry a greater proportion of disease- enabling genetic mutations, adding that the generations of sexual reproduction helps human DNA to become more resistant to disease.

Study led by Dr Philip Awadalla found that this new discovery has provided them a better understanding of how humans were at risk of developing or contracting diseases.

The results also show where exactly to look in the human genome to find disease-enabling mutations, which would speed up the discovery and identification of the mutations, he added. The findings are published in the science journal Nature Genetics.

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