8:47pm was the best time for sex on Valentine’s Day

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London: A new research has found that 8:47 pm was the sexiest moment of the year on average, when most couples will be getting wild between the sheets.

The research included polling conducted by and mentioned that the new lovers will get to hitch on bed earlier by making out after 8 pm and almost around 8:07 pm, the Daily Star reported.

The researchers whereas reported that the married couples will get involve with their partner later at around 9:07 pm and will seem to be the most reluctant ones to move away from racy routines.

Richard Longhurst co-owner of Lovehoney said more than 80 per cent of couples are in the habit of having sex on Valentine’s Day, and doesn’t wait for their bedtime before getting passionate.

Longhurst added that as per their polls couples will make out at around 8:47 pm, whereas ones with kids will wait until their kids are safely tucked up in bed and hold off until 9pm.

The researchers explained that men and women usually argue about who will initiate the sex, in which as per women men initiate sex in 17 per cent of cases, they themselves ask for it 13% of the time and they both agree upon it 70 per cent of the time.

The study showed that men initiate sex in 37 per cent of cases, it’s just 4 per cent of times when women initiate it and almost 59 percent of times the decision is mutual.

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