Facebook’s photo-deleting bug raises a question on online security

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Do you remember how many photos have you uploaded on Facebook? Your online images may not be secure on the social networking site. Recent reports state that a new Facebook bug allowed hackers to delete photos from your Facebook profile.

Hackers could just type out your photo album’s ID number and delete your Facebook pictures. Media reports also state that individuals with some technical hacking know-how could send a request to the Graph API to delete your photos from Facebook.

The ‘photo deleting’ bug was first discovered by Laxman Muthiyah and immediately made Facebook cautious about this. Facebook rewarded $12,500 bounty to Laxman Muthiyah for making the company cautious about this bug. Turning a blind eye towards this bug would in fact question Facebook’s security settings.

However,Facebook fixed the bug within two hours of acknowledgement and improved the privacy settings of your online photo album.

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