ISIS reportedly trying to sell the body of beheaded journalist James Foley

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fileIntermediaries with ties to the Islamic State reportedly are looking to sell the remains of American journalist James Foley to his family for $1 million.

Foley was beheaded by ISIS in August. His death was the first in a series of executions of Western hostages carried out by the terror group.

Three sources in contact with ISIS and its associates told BuzzFeed News that it wants to sell Foley’s body back to his family, and would deliver it across the Syria-Turkey border along with a DNA sample to authenticate his identity. The sources were granted anonymity over safety concerns.

One of the sources, a former Syrian rebel fighter, said he had been approached by an ISIS leader and was asked to find a channel to either the American government or Foley’s family.

“They ask for $1 million, and they will send DNA to Turkey, but they want the money first,” he said. “They will not give the DNA without the money.”

The source said his motivation to broker out a deal would be to help Foley’s grieving family find closure.

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