Swedes get reply to message in a bottle after 22 years

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London: A group of Swedish friends who sent aletter in a bottle two decades ago finally received a response after their message made it all the way to Panama. Gothenburg siblings Eric and Lina Runestam together with friend Christoffer Hogstrom penned the message in Swedish in 1992 and dropped it in the sea in Hunnebostrand. They included a return address asking for a reply if anyone managed to find the letter. After 22 years they finally got a response.

“I used Google Translate and it seems the message is in Swedish. I hope that the address is correct and that this letter reaches the kids who sent the message,” wrote Panama resident Leonard Pearson. The siblings had lost touch with their friend Hogstrom but were reunited when he got the Panama letter in the post, ‘The Local’ reported. “When the answer came in the letter to Christoffer we had all forgotten that we had sent the message in the bottle 22 years ago. We haven’t had any contact with Christoffer since we were kids but fortunately he still lives at the same address,” Erik Runestam told the Goteborgs-Posten newspaper.

Together with the response, the sender in Panama returned the original message which the children had burned holes in to resemble a pirate map.

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