Kashmir can’t be separated from Pakistan: Hafiz Saeed

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ISLAMABAD: A two-day congregation organized by Jammat-ud-Dawa (JuD) in Lahore concluded on Friday urging the government to take a tough position against India over its atrocities and human rights violations in Kashmir. Hafiz Saeed and his comrades called for enforcement of Shariah in Pakistan, liberation of occupied Muslim territories and jihad against the enemies of Islam.

“If the right to self-determination of Kashmiris under the UN resolutions is not accepted, then PM Nawaz Sharif should take a firm stand with the Kashmiri leaders fighting for their independence against Indian occupation,” the group’s chief Hafiz Saeed told the crowd at conclusion of the ceremony.

Speaking to his supporters a day earlier, Hafiz Saeed had said that Kashmir and Pakistan could never be separated as father of the nation described the disputed state as the jugular vein of the country. He said that neither elections nor international compromise could substitute the UN-backed plebiscite.

Sardar Atiq Ahmed Khan, a former two-time prime minister of Pakistan controlled Kashmir, said on the occasion that Pakistan was being forced to play a junior role to a hostile India under a western agenda and warned that any kind of economic and cultural friendship with India would cut the very roots of freedom movement in Kashmir.

Apart from the JuD, speakers from several other religious parties also addressed the charged crowd from across the country, stressing on the need of making Pakistan a theocratic state, freeing it from clutches of western influence and protecting its Islamic ideology against the conspiracies of secular elements.

Saeed said that problems faced by Pakistan cannot be resolved without the enforcement of Shariah in the country. “Pakistan’s intricate problems will multiply as long as Islamic laws are not implemented,” he said and added that deviation from Islamic ideology had caused the 1971 dismemberment of Pakistan. “Today, we should revive the pledge that our ancestors had made here at this same place in 1940 for creation of a separate homeland for living a life in accordance with the Islamic practices,” he said. Saeed said that the conference was aimed at rescuing Pakistan from western and American slavery.


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