200 did nothing as thugs beat dad -Tram horror

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A HORRIFIED woman has told how yobs brutally beat up her dad — as 200 onlookers did NOTHING.

Devyani Patel, 21, was travelling home from a football match with 56-year-old Prakash when he was attacked aboard a crowded tram.The Indian-born bank officer was knocked unconscious by 18 blows to the face for politely asking a mob of youths to “behave” after they yelled: “Everyone hates p***s.”

Estate agent Devyani screamed for help, but hundreds of witnesses ignored her — leaving her to defend Prakash on her own.

She said she felt as if she was in a TV drama as passengers pushed forward to get a better view in Stretford, Gtr Manchester.


Ordeal … Devyani Patel and father Prakash

Devyani said: “I thought my dad was going to die. I was trying to pull these men off him, but no one intervened. It’s disgusting, nobody did anything.”

The attack followed Man Utd’s January FA cup tie with Fulham.

Devyani, from New Moston, added: “Later at the police station, they showed us the CCTV footage. You could see some passengers actually jumping up for a better view.

“It was like they thought we were actors on Coronation Street.” Prakash — left with black eyes, a swollen face and concussion — is now scared to leave home alone. He said: “How can this happen?”

Source : Sun


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